triangular release boxes

triangular release boxes

butterfly celebrations

For individual release, each butterfly comes in its own unique keepsake triangular release box. The triangular box is specially designed to hold the butterfly safely and comfortably in its natural resting position. We will personalise your boxes to fit your occasion and theme.

Alternatively, fill the sky with a mass release of a dozen, two dozen, a hundred or more butterflies! Mass releases are done from a decorative box – you simply open the box!

Or let your guests linger on the beauty of your butterflies with a table-top display and release cage.

Your butterflies are delivered to you the day before your function. All butterflies are fed prior to shipping. They are shipped in a special container with a cooling pack to keep them dormant to ensure their comfort. They will be ready to take flight during your release. Complete instructions to ensure a successful release accompany your order. Alternatively, we can hand deliver the butterflies to you or conduct the release for you. Contact us for details.