girl holding flowers and butterflys

butterfly celebrations

How is a release done?
The release can be done from:
  • individual release boxes
  • a decorative mass release box
  • a table-top display and release cage.

The choice is yours!

Your butterflies are delivered to you the day before your function. All butterflies are fed prior to shipping. They are shipped in a special container with a cooling pack to keep them dormant to ensure their comfort. They will then be ready to take flight during your release. Complete instructions to ensure a successful release accompany your order.

When do I place my order?
Orders must be placed at least six weeks before your special event to allow us time to hand raise your butterflies. We usually have some stock for last minute orders for memorial services. Please contact us for details.
Does weather affect a release?
Yes. The air temperature must be over about 16C for your butterflies to take flight. The packaging containing the butterflies must be transferred to room temperature an hour before the release. For release, the packaging must be opened outside, preferably in the sunlight and out of the wind. A sunny, sheltered garden is perfect as the butterflies will stay to feed from the flowers. Release must be performed at least an hour before sundown. Full instructions are provided with your order.
How are the butterflies packaged?
The butterflies are packaged in individual miniature triangular release boxes. These are either personally hand delivered to you or sent by Express Priority Courier Delivery.

For larger numbers of butterflies, you also have the option of release from a decorative release box or a display and release cage. These will be hand delivered to you (Gold Coast and hinterland only). Please contact us for details.

Do I need help with the release?
No. Full instructions for a successful release will be provided with your order.
Who ships the butterflies?
Buttefly Celebrations ships the butterflies to you via Australia Post’s Express Priority Courier Delivery service. Hand delivery is available for Gold Coast and hinterland. Please contact us for details
When are the butterflies shipped?
The butterflies are shipped to arrive with you the day before your special event. The packaging should then be stored in a cool place until an hour before the scheduled release time when it should be brought up to room temperature.
Can I get the release on film?
Yes. Butterflies make excellent subjects for both video and still photography. Try to capture a specific moment and a specific butterfly. Get as close to your subject as possible. Do not try to capture the butterflies against the sky as it will be very difficult to see the butterflies in flight; they will appear very small and in some cases be impossible to see. Since butterflies will fly towards bright objects, including flowers, wait for one to land and photograph it. You may want to reserve a few butterflies specifically for photography purposes. These can be placed in a refrigerator within their envelopes (not near the freezer) for about 30 to 45 minutes. When you remove them from the refrigerator, they will be cool and will not fly for some time. Carefully pick them up with wings folded between your second and third fingers. Place them where you want them and shoot. In the sun, the wings will act as solar panels and as they begin to warm up, they will become more active and will soon take flight. Before that time, however, there should be time enough to take some pictures!
How do I care for my butterflies when they arrive?
The butterflies are already fed and watered when they reach you and need no extra care. The packaging containing the butterflies should be stored in a cool place until an hour before the scheduled release time when it should be brought up to room temperature. Then, on opening the packaging outdoors, the butterflies will take flight.
When is the butterfly release "season"?
September to May. The butterflies will only take flight when the air temperature is above about 16C. Butterfly Celebrations therefore only supplies in the warmer months of the year, from September to May.
Do you have different release containers?
Yes. Our most popular container is the individual triangular release box which we will personalise for your special occasion. We also supply decorative mass release boxes and display and release containers (for hand delivery in the Gold Coast and Hinterland only). Please contact us for details.
How long do butterflies live for?
Many people believe that butterflies only live for a day. This is not true. The Monarch butterflies supplied by Butterfly Celebrations can live for many months.